UK National Road Shows

First Phase – Local, Specific, Tangible

In 2013, EU and US governments launched negotiations for a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement. TTIP is the largest bilateral trade and investment agreement ever negotiated. Never have trade negotiations received a higher level of public attention. While there is a need to address concerns related to, for example, the level of consumer protection and transparency, the success of the negotiations will also largely depend on the illustration of the benefits that TTIP can bring to businesses, workers and local economies.

Our aim is to highlight to companies across the country how they can benefit from TTIP. In 2013, together with many partners, we embarked on a national road show series to explore how business people and their companies, in particular small and medium-sized companies, across the UK can benefit from TTIP.

Over the course of 18 months, 580 participants from more than 300 companies and organisations joined us at 15 events in 12 different cities, from Bristol to Newcastle, from Glasgow to Birmingham, across the country.

We have been able to test some of the high level policy rhetoric surrounding TTIP and find out what’s really happening at the grass roots. We learned that there are a lot of success stories out there when it comes to trade with the US. But there could be more. SMEs especially have much to gain from TTIP as it will address many of the barriers they face, and their experiences make a case for why business and local economies stand to benefit from a trade agreement.

Second Phase – Open for Business

If TTIP can help a smaller company to export and to growth its business – as illustrated in the summarizing report of the first phase ‘Local, Specific, Tangible’ – by reducing regulatory obstacles and market access barriers, the benefits to entire industry are likely to be significant with an impact for thousands of UK-based businesses and their employees.

In 2015, BAB will organise a series of events across the UK focusing on four sectoral workshops including – Food & Drink, Automotive, Life Sciences and Chemicals. This series will take the exploration of TTIP benefit to the next level. We will showcase the importance of sectors to the UK economy and the importance of UK-US trade and investment to UK sectors. We will explore the barriers companies are facing when trading across the Atlantic, particularly smaller companies in supply chains; and we will examine the potential benefits that TTIP could bring to UK sectors, in particular in regards to the scope and sector-specific content of TTIP.

This initiative aims to build a nation-wide sector case for TTIP and trade that will contribute to the debate in the UK and set an example for other EU Member States.

For more information, please contact: Emanuel Adam, Policy and Public Affairs Manager,

Road Show Destinations

2015 Road Shows

2014 Road Shows

2013 Road Shows

  • 5th March: Glasgow
  • 7th March: Birmingham
  • 12th July: Leeds
  • 5th November: Edinburgh
  • 28th November:  Manchester
  • 3rd December: Reading
  • 4th December: Newcastle


Local, Specific, Tangible – Report – Report of first phase

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