Bulletin 7/2014: June


All-Party Parliamentary Group on EU-US Trade & Investment

Bulletin 7 – June 2014

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations


EU and US trade negotiators met for their fifth round of formal negotiations in Arlington, VA under the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) May 19th-23rd. A link to the final press conference with both chief negotiators is here: http://ec.europa.eu/trade/policy/in-focus/ttip/resources/#_videos

Both Chief negotiators highlighted that very good talks had taken place on Regulatory Coherence and that agreement in principle had been reached on an approach for horizontal regulatory issues. By providing broad input into regulatory processes early better regulations can be achieved. There was agreement that the outcome of the negotiations should in “no case reduce the level of protection” under existing legislation. Discussions had also covered specific sectors such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pesticides, chemicals and IT. Negotiations had moved to discussing draft texts in a number of areas, particularly TBTs, competition, state-to-state dispute settlement and SMEs. Both negotiators said it had been “a very good week with strong progress”.

As during previous rounds, negotiators also met with a large number of stakeholders, and negotiators continued to welcome input from interested parties.

Prior to the 5th Round the European Commission published negotiating positions in five new areas: Chemicals, Cosmetics, Motor vehicles, Pharmaceutical Products, and Textiles and Clothing. Here is a link to the position papers: http://trade.ec.europa.eu/doclib/press/index.cfm?id=1076

A sixth round of negotiations is to be held in Brussels in July.

APPG members pushed for SME Representation in the Commission’s Advisory Group on TTIP in the meeting with Chief negotiator Garcia Bercero on the 6th of March. The European Commission has subsequently announced that an SME representative will be appointed to the group.

The introduction of an Investor-state-dispute-settlement (isds) mechanism in TTIP has been the subject of public debate in the UK and other Member States as well as the European Parliament. The European Commission launched a public on-line consultation on isds on the 27th of March, and negotiations on isds in the investment chapter in the negotiations have been put on hold for the three-month period that the consultations last. The Commission hosted a stakeholder dialogue on isds on May 13th. A link to Commission’s note on the consultations is here: http://trade.ec.europa.eu/doclib/docs/2014/march/tradoc_152279.pdf


The APPG will hold its annual general meeting with election of officers on June 4th at 4.00 pm in Committee Room 19.

APPG Parliamentary open meetings

The APPG will host a series of Panel Discussions on the potential impact of TTIP on specific sectors in the UK in June and July this year. Like the APPG panel discussion held February 4th on the automotive sector (brief here: http://tradeinvest.babinc.org/eu-us-trade/all-party-parliamentary-group/brief-automotive-sector-ttip/) these meetings bring together panelists from the industry and unions and consumers, and are open to outside organizations as well as Parliamentarians.

June 4th            Textiles                                               4.00-5.00 pm Committee Room 19


  • CEO John Miln, UK Fashion and Textile Association
  • Director Bev Bambrough, Community the Union
  • Managing Director Nick Bannerman, Johnstons of Elgin

June 24th          Chemicals                                            4.30-5.30 pm Committee Room 18


  • Chief Executive Steve Elliott, Chemical Industries Association
  • National Officer Allan Black, GMB the Union
  • A chemical company rep (tbc)

June 25th          Pharmaceuticals                                 3.00-4.00 pm Committee Room 13


  • Chief Executive Stephen Whitehead, Association of the British Pharmaceutical                  Industry
  • National Officer Linda McCulloch, Unite the Union
  • Senior Director Rick Ascroft, Eli Lilly


July 14th           Agriculture, Food and Drink               4.00-5.00 pm Committee Room 18


  • Director General Melanie Leech, Food and Drink Federation
  • Assistant General Secretary Diana Holland, Unite the Union
  • Deputy Director General Martin Haworth, National Farmers’ Union
  • Chief Policy Adviser Sue Davies, Which?

House of Lords inquiry on TTIP published

The House Lords inquiry into TTIP was published on May 13th. In presenting the report Lord Tugendhat underlined that there is a need for greater government involvement in support of the negotiations. A link to the report is here: http://www.parliament.uk/business/committees/committees-a-z/lords-select/eu—foreign-affairs-defence-and-development-policy-sub-committee-c/news/ttip-report-published/


APPG visits

A delegation of eight APPG officers and members visited Brussels on the 5th and 6th of March for meetings with European Parliamentarians, stakeholder groups and UK and Commission officials. A note on the main assessments from the briefings can be found here.

APPG Parliamentary briefing meetings

The APPG organises a series of smaller private briefing meetings, potentially open to Group members who wish to attend – if you’d like to be informed or invited, please email john.healey.mp@parliament.uk or guto.bebb.mp@parliament.uk.

APPG officers and members will meet with US Ambassador Barzun on July 1st at 5.00pm in Room U in Portcullis House.

APPG officers met with the Chief US Negotiator on Investment, Jay Motwane on March 11th.

APPG officers have also met with Deputy USTR, Ambassador Miriam Sapiro, and EU Chief Negotiator for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations, Director Ignacio Garcia Bercero.

British American Business activities

BritishAmericanBusiness is running a nation-wide series of road shows on TTIP to reach out to SMEs and beyond the traditional policy community in London. Expert panels of speakers introduce discussions on the benefits and effects of a proposed deal. The APPG officers and MP members contribute to panel discussions alongside business leaders, UKTI Advisors and APPG officers. Road-shows in 2014 will be held in:

Birmingham, June 3rd

Liverpool, June 26th

Edinburgh in September

Sheffield, 1st October

Bristol in October


For further information see: http://www.tradeinvest.babinc.org

BritishAmerican Business will host a reception in Parliament on September 3rd from 7.00-9.00 pm in the House of Commons Terrace. The event will celebrate and recognize the contribution made by SMEs to the strength and success of transatlantic trade and investment.

APPG bulletins

The APPG produces a regular bulletin as an update on the APPG’s activities and as a source for relevant useful briefings, reports and events.

1st Bulletin

2nd Bulletin

3rd Bulletin

4th Bulletin

5th Bulletin

6th Bulletin

Useful websites

EU Commission website: http://ec.europa.eu/trade/policy/in-focus/ttip/

USTR Website:http://www.ustr.gov/about-us/press-office/fact-sheets/2013/june/wh-ttip

UKTI Website: http://www.ukti.gov.uk/uktihome/item/516460.html


For further information, please contact:

John Healey MP, Chair of APPG on EU-US Trade & Investment

Contact James Hall james.hall@parliament.uk

Guto Bebb MP, Secretary of APPG on EU-US Trade & Investment

Contact Siwan Puw siwan.puw@parliament.uk

Elisabeth Roderburg, Secretariat of APPG on EU-US Trade & Investment

TTIP Adviser BritishAmericanBusiness Eroderburg@babinc.org

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