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Oregon is a place where business grows. Where entrepreneurs and big thinkers build diverse industries. Where innovators make things better, faster, and stronger. Where sustainability means profitability.

Oregon’s workforce, desirable livability, competitive business costs and access to foreign markets are all tremendous assets. These assets have helped to grow headquarters of world-famous companies such as Nike and Columbia Sportswear in Oregon, as well as significant presences of leading companies such as Intel, Precision Castparts, Adidas, Boeing, and Daimler.


Oregon was the number one destination among people who moved from one US state to another in 2015. Young, talented professionals are choosing Oregon as their home at an increasing rate. Fashion designers, green building architects, advertising creatives and others look to Oregon for jobs in their industries and quality of life. Oregon is particularly strong in semiconductor and other silicon-based manufacturing, with a highly skilled workforce of more than 50,000 working in the industry.


Oregon’s business climate is consistently recognised as one of the best in the US. In its most recent study, Ernst & Young once again ranked Oregon as having the lowest effective business tax rate of any US state at 3.3%. Oregon was also identified by the American Institute for Economic Research as the top manufacturing location in the US and, notably, corporations that operate in Oregon, but sell goods in other states, pay corporate income taxes based solely on company sales within the state of Oregon.

Oregon’s property tax abatement programmes can eliminate property taxes on new facilities and equipment for  three to 15 years.


Due to Oregon’s ability to harness hydropower, the state’s energy costs are among the lowest industrial rates in the US, averaging around six cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). This is approximately half of the average industrial rate in California.


Oregon connects companies with university labs that house the technical capacity, in both equipment and brainpower, to make innovation happen. The state has invested in the creation of three state-of-the-art Signature Research Centres that bring together the top research and cutting-edge laboratories at Oregon’s four research universities. University resources are connected directly to Oregon companies, so that private firms can access a renowned R&D facility without the high cost of building their own.


Oregonians have always put great value on the long-term health of the environment in which they live, work and play, so we take a long-term view when making investments in economic development.

Oregon had the foresight to set up a renewable energy-friendly environment ahead of the pack. Wind, solar, wave, biomass and geothermal energy development is all happening in Oregon, in addition to green building design, environmental monitoring technology, sustainable urban planning and more.


One in four Oregon manufacturing jobs is linked to international trade and Oregon consistently ranks among the top 10 US states in exports per capita. The Port of Portland offers easy, multi-modal international access, with direct flights to Europe and Japan, as well as full marine and rail connections. Because of its Pacific Rim location, Oregon is an especially easy conduit for goods travelling to and from Asia.


The Business Oregon recruitment team helps companies looking to relocate or expand to Oregon. Recruitment  officers work with interested companies to identify Oregon sites that meet size, utility, infrastructure and workforce requirements. The state also has certified industrial sites that are shovel-ready for new development.

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