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Arizona, world renowned for its diverse natural beauty and gorgeous weather, also provides one of the best climates in the nation for businesses to start, expand, relocate and thrive.

Arizona’s pro-business policies reflect a statewide commitment that puts business first, with unrivalled economic benefits, including substantial tax credits and reductions. Arizona’s strengths in key, high-value industries including aerospace and defence, bioscience and health care, information technology, manufacturing, and renewable energy make it a competitive player in the global economy.


Arizona is strategically located in the south west of the United States, immediately accessible to three major economies – California (8th), Mexico (14th) and Texas (13th). Major road and rail routes connect Arizona directly to major markets in the south west. Trucks from Arizona reach 65 million people within one-day’s drive. Arizona’s airport network, include Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and Tucson International Airport. Together, carriers serve more than 103 cities with non-stop flights, including a daily service from Phoenix to London Heathrow.


Arizona has helped to reduce the cost of doing business with policies designed to spur growth, streamline regulations and create a suite of incentives to support corporate growth and expansion. In addition, our tax rates are among the lowest in the nation and our corporate income tax rates will shrink to just 4.9% by the year 2017. Competitive advantages:

  • State sales tax rate of 5.6 to 9%
  • Right-to-work state (low union activity)
  • Low workers’ compensation insurance rates
  • No franchise, business inventory or estate taxes
  • Favourable unemployment insurance


Arizona has created a business-friendly environment by cutting red tape and repealing overly burdensome regulations. Changes like right to work laws, a streamlined tax collection system and simplified processes for tax licenses, returns and audits. Ongoing tort-reform initiatives restrict class-action lawsuits and ban certain types of punitive damages.


With a focus on innovation, R&D and next-generation advancements, Arizona is poised for continued growth and strong economic performance in high-tech industries. Major employment sectors include electronics,  semiconductor manufacturing and aerospace and defence.

Arizona’s growing portfolio of large technology companies includes Apple, Avnet, Insight, Intel, Garmin, Revel Systems, Microchip, Freescale, Honeywell, Raytheon, JDA Software, Go Daddy and more, as well as a pipeline of emerging technologies stemming from state universities. Arizona is an ideal base for companies that service clients worldwide. That access is one reason Avnet, one of today’s largest business-to-business distributors of electronic components and systems, moved to Phoenix.


Arizona attracts a young, well-educated and skilled workforce with a large concentration of science and technology talent from Arizona State University, University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University. Arizona is among the 10 youngest populations in the US and has some of the lowest labour costs in the nation.


Arizona offers a diverse cultural heritage and unmatched standard of living. With 300 sunny days a year, renowned natural beauty, and seven professional sports teams, there is always something to do. Outdoor enthusiasts will find the state ripe for recreational pursuits and world-class resorts offer a vibrant shopping, dining and nightlife experience.


  • Quality Jobs: Provides up to $9,000 of income or premium tax credits over a three year period for each net new quality job
  • Qualified Facility: Provides refundable income tax credits to eligible companies investing in qualifying facilities and creating jobs
  • Research and Development: Provides income tax credits for increased R&D activities conducted in the state
  • Foreign Trade Zone: Provides up to a 72% reduction in property taxes for property in an FTZ
  • Military Reuse Zone (MRZ): Provides tax credits, property tax reductions and TPT exemptions
  • Private Activity Bonds: Bonds issued by or on behalf of a local government to provide financing for private and public projects
  • Renewable Energy Tax Incentives Programme: Provides refundable income tax credits to companies investing in renewable energy industries
  • Commercial/Industrial Solar: Provides income tax credits for the installation of solar energy devices at Arizona business facilities
  • Arizona Job Training Programme: Provides job-specific reimbursable grants to support the design and delivery of customised training plans for employers

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