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Located in the centre of the US and bordered by eight states, Missouri is distinguished by its strategic location, its globally connected infrastructure, its solid fiscal foundation and its highly skilled and innovative talent.

Most US agriculture and food production takes place in the region, and more than half of all US manufacturing employment is within 600 miles of Missouri. This is where America builds its cars, trucks and planes, and distributes goods through an interconnected network of highways, railways, airports and rivers, and Missouri leads the way with a reputation as one of the most productive and efficient automobile manufacturing hubs in the entire nation.

Missouri’s central location places it within a single day’s drive of more than 50% of all US households and within two days’ drive of most major US markets. With access to nine major interstates, two airports offering international service, all Class I rail carriers and 14 port authorities, getting from there to here, and vice versa, is very cost competitive. Missouri boasts two of the largest rail terminals in the country (St Louis and Kansas City) and is one of the few states offering rail service to both east and west coasts. Missouri is one of the most logistically friendly states in the nation and has earned a growing visibility as America’s Intersection.

Missouri’s unique geology also offers a cost-saving option for a number of business sectors. More than 28 million square feet of underground space in former limestone mines provides secure, climate-controlled sites for data, warehousing and more. Current tenants of the “undergrounds” benefit from constant year-round temperatures and reduced energy costs. Missouri is a world leader in AgTech, charting new courses in bioscience, agriculture, animal health, plant science, advanced farming and food processing. Companies are located across the state, utilising the extensive talent, and top-quality farmland.

Other industry clusters in Missouri’s diverse economy include transportation, financial services, information technology, health services, energy and advanced manufacturing. As a Pollina Top 10 Pro-Business State for five years in a row, Missouri is able to effectively compete in all these sectors.

Missouri is a fiscally sound state, and has held a AAA bond rating for more than 50 years. This state’s coordinate support and solid financial foundation reduces the risk for companies looking to invest in Missouri. The strong financial acumen in Missouri has empowered the state to become home to the third largest concentration of wealth managers in the US and two Federal Reserve Banks.

Missouri’s highly skilled, experienced and specialised labour force also factors into what makes the state a business-friendly location. More than three million strong, Missouri’s workforce is larger than the entire populations of 20 other US states. But it is the quality, not just the size, of Missouri’s workforce that convinces companies to move to – and stay in – the state.

But workforce is not the only draw for businesses looking to enter the US. Missouri’s competitive taxes and business costs continue to bring new business investment and expansion to the state. Companies locating in Missouri may also be eligible for Missouri Works, an economic development incentive programme designed to support companies considering Missouri for relocation or expansion. The programme includes multiple job creation categories and a mix of automatic and discretionary benefits.

While it may be tempting for investors to look first to America’s familiar coastal areas, Missouri deserves a closer look. Missouri grows companies and powers innovation, while also connecting you to everywhere. Missouri is a place where companies thrive.

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