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Using the BABC to Build your Transatlantic Business

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Jeffries Briginshaw, Chief Executive, BritishAmerican Business and the British-American Business Council (BABC)

The British-American Business Council (BABC) is the largest transatlantic business network. We have chapters throughout North America and the UK, with a collective total of 2,500 member companies based in more than 20 major business centres.

Our goal is to help these companies build their business by providing access to a transatlantic business network that extends far beyond their own home cities, with a portfolio of services to match.

Our offering is geared to help middle-market and smaller companies as well as major multinationals.

If you are a UK company looking to establish or expand your business in the US, we have a regional chapter ready to help you.

The same applies in reverse, if you are a US company looking to build your business in the UK.

As well as knowing their regional marketplace, BABC chapters all have member companies who want to do business with companies like yours.

If you are a member of any of our chapters, you can connect with these companies through our umbrella website,, by participating in the programmes of other BABC chapters when you are travelling, and by joining us at our annual Transatlantic Business Conferences.

The BABC network also offers other business, advocacy and marketing opportunities to promote your services and products to our members throughout North America and the UK, to facilitate immigration issues, to capitalise on modestly-priced advertising and sponsorship opportunities, and to take advantage of the discounts that our member companies offer to their fellow-members.

Our role is simple – we help companies make connections and do business. If you are (or plan to become) involved in transatlantic business and do not already know about the BABC, do contact your regional BABC chapter to find out what they and the broader BABC network can offer you.

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